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Mini-Mental State Examination (MMSE)

Authors: Dr. D. William Molloy and Dr. Roger Clarnette

8.0 Care plan for Alzheimer’s disease (and other dementias)

MMSE 25-20

Powers of Attorney (financial and person care). Advanced Health Care Directive (Living Will). Use a dosette for medication. Calendar reminder for appointments (kept by telephone). Education of Patients and Family by the Alzheimer. Society Family member to accompany to appointment. Check Driving. Check safety in the home (kettles, burners, cooking).
- Consider estrogen therapy in females
- Vitamin E (400 to 1,000 IU, twic e daily)
- Consider Enteric-coated Aspirin (325 mg once daily)
- Donepezil (Aricept) 5-10mg once daily; Rivastigamine (Exelon) up to 6 mg twice daily or Galantamine (Reminyl) up to 12 mg twice daily.
- Gingko-Biloba (GinkGold or Ginkola) 40-80 mg three times daily before meals.

MMSE 19-11

Family should fill dosette and supervise medication-taking. Check, finances, shopping, diet and safety (getting lost etc.). Provide adequate support to family/spouse. Homecare supports. Day Care. Friend ly visitors. Wandering Person Registry

MMSE 10-0

Consider respite care - Day Programs. In-Home respite care. Short Stay Respite Care in a Facility. Nursing Home care. May require a secure unit. Support caregiver in re-starting life on their own. Grief and bereavement counseling for family.

1.0 Introduction

2.0 General Guidelines

3.0 Specific Scoring Guidelines

4.0 Total Scores

5.0 Diagnostic Algorithm

6.0 The Alzheimer’s Journey

7.0 Using the Pattern of Deficits to Distinguish between the Different Dementias

8.0 Care plan for Alzheimer’s disease (and other dementias)